how to order

Because the items in this store are made to order it allows the customer a unique opportunity to have some changes made to the item to better suit their needs and preferences.

A tremendous array of gems and precious stones are available and their different colors and translucency can dramatically change the mood and look of an item.

 As an example....the temple ring has a stunning opal set in a bezel....however your favorite stone may be a ruby and wish it were set in the ring instead. Or perhaps a translucent purple amethyst or a sky-blue turquoise. Or maybe you want the opal but of a lesser grade for cost considerations

 The Filigree Leaf Earrings have crisp red coral  but you may want  deep blue lapis ...or possibly diamonds  instead...or maybe you already have 2 diamonds of the right size.... maybe we can put them in. If you have an old piece of jewelry and would like the stone set in one of my designs contact me.

Some pieces  shown in gold you would prefer in silver . Then again a piece shown in silver you may wish  to have made  in gold.

 In a way this allows me to become your own personal custom jeweler.

  Of course if you like what you see as pictured simply click buy and i'll get to work!

Please allow 2-3 weeks for completion of item and shipping. If there is a real urgency such as a for a birthday or as a last minute gift for someone by all means contact me and we"ll figure  something out!!!

See  Resources  link above to learn more about gemstones

  Thank you in advance!!!

Quentin Molyn from Asta Jewelers